Complete control
over your
vr experience.

SYNCVR allows you to control multiple VR Headsets with one powerful interface.

SYNCVR works with Samsung GearVR and Google Daydream.

SyncVR Interface


Stay up-to-date with free updates

Multiple platform (Gear VR & Daydream Google VR)

Remotely push videos to all connected devices

Centralized control with SyncVR Master App

Live preview screen (see what your audience sees)

Instantly switch videos

Individual device control

Over wifi connexion (no internet needed)

Blazing fast communication protocol

Trigger all devices simultaneously with one click

Super easy set-up with Google Play Store & Oculus Store

Customized branded introduction video

Plays 4K 360 videos on VR Headsets

Automatic device recognition

Live phone status monitoring

Free tech support


$500 USD/month

Use SyncVR for 1 Month
(you'll fall in love with it)

  • Unlimited video files
  • From 1 to 20 VR Headsets

Free Updates and Maintenance
Free Tech Support

$3500 USD/year

Perfect for your Events and VR Experiences all year long

  • Unlimited video files
  • From 1 to 20 VR Headsets

Free Updates and Maintenance
Free Tech Support


Perfect for Museums, Theaters and large Venues

  • Unlimited video files
  • Ulimited VR Headsets

Our team will assist you with planning, set-up and configuration of your VR Experience

Frequently asked questions

SyncVR platform is based on two Apps : Contoller App and Player App.

Contoller App gives you control over all headsets by allowing you to play, pause, stop, and change the video playing in all Player Apps. It also lets you know the status and battery life of each device.

Player App allows all connected VR Headsets to communicate with the Contoller App over a secured communication protocol.

Once you register to a license, you will receive by email a list of instructions and 2 licences keys to get you started.

Currently, we only support Monoscopic 360 videos using the following requirements :


  • File must by 4GB and lower
  • Video coded should be H264 baseline profile
  • Dimension should be 4096 x 2880 maximum of 4Gb ( every video that play on your device can be played with SyncVR )
  • 60 FPS
  • Video bitrate : 11Mbps maximum

If there is audio encoded in your video file

  • Audio codec : AAC-LC
  • Audio channels : 2
  • Audio bitrate : 318 Kbps

We highly recommend to use Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 or S8 products

A LOT !!! SyncVR can handle from one to a thousands of VR Headsets !! There's almost no limit. The main restrictions will come from the router.

For the time being, the SyncVR platform only supports 360 monoscopic videos. Stay tuned for a new version (coming soon) which will allow you to launch Apps directly from Sync VR Controller.

Before using the SyncVR platform, you need to upload you video file on each device. You can use a simple software to transfer files from your computer to each device. We advise you to look at the official Google documentation. The introduction video and the main video must both be located in the /Video/SyncVR/ folder. Make sure your introduction video is named "intro.mp4".

There's nothing better than a good piece of tape put directly on the GearVR proximity sensor. This will prevent the phone from going to sleep mode.

Before connecting the smartphone to the GearVR, make sure you first start the SyncVR Player App. This will prevent GearVR Home from kicking in, so you'll peacefully stay within the SyncVR environment.

PS : Please also avoid touching the "Home" and "Back" buttons, located on the right of the headset, those buttons would also start the GearVR Home.


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